Normal tooth (N)

The normal tooth has a cutting angle of 0°. It is suitable for material with a high carbon content (such as cast iron), for material with small cross sections and for thin-wall profiles and tubes.

Hook tooth (H)

The hook tooth has a positive cutting angle of 10°. This tooth form is particularly well suited for solid, thick-walled tubes and all higher-grade alloy material.

RP tooth (RP)

The RP tooth has a positive cutting angle of 16°. Due to its aggressive cutting characteristics, it is suitable for high-alloy and highest-grade alloy material and for non-ferrous metals.

Master tooth (M)

The Master tooth is based on a high-low triple chip design recognised as one of the most efficient in engineering cutting technology. To cope with the demands of a wide range of difficult steel and exotic alloys the teeth are available with cutting angles of both 10° and 16° degrees.

Profile tooth

The profile tooth withstands due to a reinforced tooth the vibrations during cutting of beams and tubes. This effect is intensified by the reduced cutting angle of 6°.