bi-alfa Profile

The band saw blade bi-alfa PROFILE and its variant PROFILE WS ensure a perfect cut under vibrations.

Vibrations during cutting of tubes, beams and profiles reduce the blade life. For this kind of application RÖNTGEN offers the perfect blade solution.

The reinforced tooth increases the strength to withstand vibrations during interrupted cutting and protects the band saw blade against loosing teeth in a row.

The tooth tip consists of proven HSS-M42, which has good mechanical features.

Bi-alfa Profile is the band saw blade having best results in cutting round and square tubes as well as beams. 


bundled tubes, round
bundled tubes, square
T-, I- and L-beam
tube, thickwalled
tube, thinwalled
square tube

N / A
4/6 5/7 8/11 12/16  
20 x 0,9       B B 3/4 x .035
27 x 0,9 B / --- B B B B 1 x .035
34 x 1,1 B / B B B B   1 1/4 x .042
41 x 1,3 B / B B B     1 1/2 x .050
54 x 1,6 B / B B       2 x .063
67 x 1,6 B / B         2 5/8 x .063

The profile tooth withstands due to a reinforced tooth the vibrations during cutting of beams and tubes. This effect is intensified by the reduced cutting angle of 6°.