bi-alfa Profile WS

The band saw blade bi-alfa PROFILE and its variant PROFILE WS ensure a perfect cut under vibrations.

Vibrations during cutting of tubes, beams and profiles reduce the blade life. For this kind of application RÖNTGEN offers the perfect blade solution.

A special feature of this blade is the wider set width. This creates a wider kerf, which prevents a binding of the band saw blade. 

The reinforced tooth increases the strength to withstand vibrations during interrupted cutting and protects the band saw blade against loosing teeth in a row.

A special set pattern reduces vibrations during cutting and therefore increases the blade life.

Bi-alfa PROFILE WS is designed for cutting profiles and beams under stress. The cutting process releases stress, which demands a wider kerf in order to prevent blade binding. Therefore the blade encompasses not only a special set pattern and a reinforced tooth, but also a wider set.


bundled profiles
bundled channels
bundled tubes, round
bundled tubes, square
T-, I- and L-beam
tube, thickwalled
square tube


2/3 3/4 4/6  
34 x 1,1 B B   1 1/4 x .042
41 x 1,3 B B   1 1/2 x .050
54 x 1,3 B B   2 x .050
54 x 1,6 B B   2 x .063
67 x 1,6 B B B 2 5/8 x .063

The hook tooth has a positive cutting angle of 6°. This tooth form is particularly well suited for solid, thick-walled tubes and all higher-grade alloy material.