Set Pattern

(1) Raker Set

Teeth are set in groups of 3, left, right, straight. This is the most popular set pattern for Regular tooth pitches.

(2) Combi Set (Group Set)

Teeth are set left and right, predominantly in groups of 5 or 7, with one straight tooth per group. This set pattern is most popular on variable/combi tooth pitches. The number of teeth in a group is determined by the characteristics of the variable pitch pattern repeat.

(3) Pairs Set

For some specialised non-ferrous cuttin applications the teeth are set in pairs to the left than to the right with the 5th tooth straight. This is the least popular of the 4 set patterns.

(4) Wavy Set

This set pattern is used on very fine pitches where the saw blade teeth are too small to be set individualy. The degree of the set changes incrementally throughout the blade in waves from left to right.


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