bi-alfa Master

The RÖNTGEN bi-alfa Master band saw blade harnesses the benefits of “triple chip” tooth geometry, widely recognised as the optimal form for production sawing. The teeth are CBN precision ground to form a chamfered high tooth (A) and a pair of lower finishing teeth (B & C). Cutting faces are ground parallel to the back edge ensuring absolutely straight cutting. The M42 tooth tips have a height difference calculated to suit the typical chip load characteristics of each blade width/pitch combination. High cutting rates can be achieved without compromising blade life or cut finish.



solid material
solid material, round
solid material, round


  1,5 / 2 2 / 3 3 / 4  
27 x 0,9     B 1 x .035
34 x 1,1   B B 1 1/4 x .042
41 x 1,3 B B B 1 1/2 x .050

The Master tooth is based on a high-low triple chip design recognised as one of the most efficient in engineering cutting technology. To cope with the demands of a wide range of difficult steel and exotic alloys the teeth are available with cutting angles of both 10° and 16° degrees.