bi-alfa RP Master

RÖNTGEN bi-alfa RP Master combines the precision sawing capabilities of the Master blade with the aggressive 16-degree cutting angle of the RP-tooth. The CBN ground finish linked to the triple chip tooth geometry guarantees fast and square sawing, and excellent cut finish even on the most difficult-to-cut materials.


solid material
solid material, round


G = Discontinued item limited stock available

  0,75/1,25 1,1/1,6 1,5/2 2/3 3/4  
34 x 1,1       B B 1 1/4 x .042
41 x 1,3     B B B 1 1/2 x .050
54 x 1,3     B B G 2 x .050
54 x 1,6   B B B B 2 x .063
67 x 1,6 B B B     2 5/8 x .063
80 x 1,6 B B       3 1/8 x .063

The Master tooth is based on a high-low triple chip design recognised as one of the most efficient in engineering cutting technology. To cope with the demands of a wide range of difficult steel and exotic alloys the teeth are available with cutting angles of both 10° and 16° degrees.